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3 years
+40 clients
+500 projects

Founded by our lead dreamer and schemer,  Molly Patton, Miscible is the go-to creative solutions hub for those involved in the science and technology sector.

Using her experience in scientific research and the creative industries, Molly has spent the past 7 years creating visual media to communicate complex scientific discoveries to audiences. 

Now, she develops tailored systems and strategies inform the media she produces. This approach ensures the work she produces doesn’t just look great, it tells consistently compelling stories to the right people and attracts the right opportunities for collaboration, funding and investment. 

But Molly isn’t alone.

She has an entire ecosystem of creatives from around the world, all working together under the Miscible banner, contributing their experience and skillsets to projects.

Together, they work with all forms of digital and print mediums, to produce memorable media for organisations of all sizes, across some of the world’s biggest markets including the United States, United Kingdom, UAE and Australia.